Star Seeds are crystals contained in all life, and are the embodiment of life itself. All planets, stars, and asteroids have a star seed. A regular star seed is within regular humans and once removed the light within it fades (turning the victims into phages according to the original anime). It is unknown why they turn into phages but a possible explanation is that it was caused by Galaxia's Golden Armlet which is imbued with dark energy and has the ability to turn a normal living being into an evil Sailor warrior.

Most of the star seeds consisted of a small glittering sphere enveloped in a hexagonal dipyramidal-shaped transparent crystal. All normal Star Seeds are a light blue-gray colour. In case of True Star Seeds, the colour corresponded to their planet colour.

If the Star Seed was retrieved, its carrier could be revived in their physical form.

Galaxia star seed

Types of Star Seeds Edit

Normal Star Seed: Common people had weak Star Seeds. When a human was hit by the golden energy blasts produced by Sailor Galaxia's bracelets, an orange coloured flower appeared above their head or in front of their chest and opened to reveal the Star Seed, which turned black right after being forcefully exposed, and a person whose Star Seed had turned black became a Phage.

True Star Seed: Those belonging to Senshi had a permanent shine, and were called true Star Seeds, or, in the manga, Sailor Crystals. Each planetary body in the galaxy was represented by its own Star Seed, and the Sailor Senshi of that planet was its carrier. It retains their shine even with exposure to the outside and they are held within Sailor Senshi. They withhold the power of the star they protect/have the power of. If a Senshi's Star Seed was taken out of their body, the Senshi disappeared, which was equivalent to dying.

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