Silver Moon Enlighter is Sailor Silver Moon's weapon which takes a form of silver bow with heart shaped symbols on it. Its needed for her main attack Lunar Inner Reflection and supporting attack True Moon Heart. Bow was given to her by Queen Serenity.

Description Edit

Its long bow made of silver with many diamond hearts as symbols on it. Bow has also inscription on itself, which says:"I shall open your blinded heart. I am Silver Moon Enlighter, Kindler of Hope." Letters shine, when bow is used in attack. Bow does not need physical arrows, it will create silver colored energy when name of attack is shout and form shining silver arrow when shoot.

Bow itself cannot harm and cannot be used as normal weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike Sailor Moon's weapons, Enlighter takes form of weapon - bow
  • Bow cannot harm enemies e.g. make them bleed
  • Type of weapon was choosen because Artemis, Greek goddess of Moon, was also goddess of hunt and used bow and arrows to hunt