Sailor Triton is alternate identity of Lady Galateia, one of the Guardian Sailor Senshi related to Sailor Neptune. She is also Guardian Senshi of joy and happiness and has power over sound, especially songs. Her signature colors are light yellow and very light blue.

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She was a great singer in Moon Kingdom.

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"Guided by the sea beauty! I am Soldier of Joy and Happines, Sailor Triton!"

Sailor Triton's powers are sound/music related, which gave her unique abillity to use Siren like powers allowing her to use her voice in various ways. She can sing a song of control and control her enemies or use sound waves to hurt her opponents, but if she sing the Song of Hope, than allows her friends to recover quickly. All her songs has magical powers of their own.

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  • She was named after Galatea, one of the sea spirits Nereid in Greek Mythology
  • Her signature colors represent colors of the sea and beach