Guardian Sailor Silver Moon in her first senshi form

Sailor Silver Moon is alternate identity of Lady Phoibe, one of the Guardian Sailor Senshi related to Sailor Moon. She is also Guardian Senshi of Hope and has power of emotions. Her signature colors are white and silver/grey. Her symbol is Diamond and later after getting her Royal Form - Heart.

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As one of the Guardian Sailor Senshi, Sailor Silver Moon was awaken inside of heart of Phoibe in order to help other Senshi to fight with Queen Metallia by Queen Serenity. She was also last who was awaken and only one awakened by Queen Serenity, not Sailor Cosmos. Later was discovered, that Phoibe was in her past life (before being reborn in Moon Kingdom as Phoibe) Diana, the lost Moon Fairy.

Because her castle was destroyed, she obtained her powers from queen in order to help other Senshi to fight. In the end of the series, she was seen living on Earth instead of in Moon Kingdom, which was never explained.

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"Ascended from hopes of Silver One. I am Kindler of Moonlight, Guardian Sailor Silver Moon!"

Sailor Silver Moon's powers are related to emotions, especially the positive ones. She uses the power given to her by Queen Serenity in form of heart shaped Sailor Crystal called Silver Moon Love Crystal or simply Heart Crystal. Silver Moon is able to greatly strengthen the healing powers of Sailor Moon by using reflections from her Crystal.

Her main abillity is to make her enemies looks deep inside of their hearts and see all their bad and good deeds they did. This makes her able to more easily reach their hearts. Her own powers will differ, depending on which emotion she currently feels or want to use. Sometimes it cannot be affected if emotion inside her is very strong. Most of her powers are manifested in form of silver reflections on surface.

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  • Unlike other Moon related characters, Phoibe does not have crescent moon as symbol and does not wear odangos
  • She is second senshi after Sailor Chibi Moon who has Heart as symbol
  • She was named after Phoebe, Titaness associated with Moon, deity similar to Selene, Titaness and Moon itself.