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Sailor Olympus (Anime)
Full NameSailor Olympus
AlignmentOlympus, Crystal Olympus
Resides inAthens, Greece
OccupationLeader of the Olympian senshi
AliasesHeythena, Golden Princess, the lightning of miracles, Princess Heythena, Princess Olympus, the gorgeous light princess
Titles"The heroine of love and justice."

"The heroine of Olympus."

FormsSailor Olympus, Super Sailor Olympus, Eternal Sailor Olympus, Princess Heythena, Neo-Queen Heythena
AssociatesThe Olympian senshi, Spark, Aura & Anna, Masked Avenger / Aiskulos, the Primordial senshi, the Zodiac senshi (temporary), King Aiskulos
BirthdateJune 15 (Gemini)
Age15 (Pretty Guardians of Olympus: Classic and Pretty Guardians of Olympus R)
16 (Pretty Guardians of Olympus Lost Mobius and Pretty Guardians of Olympus Super Heroines)
17 (Pretty Guardians of Olympus Eternal Heroines)
Height~165.099 cm or 5'5"
Blood TypeA+
RelativesHercules (Father), Megaera "Meg" (mother), Cynthia (older sister), Mendora (older sister), Zeus (Paternal grandfather), Hera (Paternal grandmother)
Likespudding, being with friends, Aiskulos, sweets, sleeping, home economics
Dislikesmonsters, Daemonas, math, scary things, physical education, training too hard
First AppearanceThe go lucky Heythena's beautiful transformation!
ActorsSaki Fujita
Laura Bailey (English)
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