Sailor Moon Millennium Edit

Act Episode Name Event
01 A mysterious girl Usagi meets a beautuful girl 
02 Sailor Capricorn  The sailors are saved by Sailor Capricorn
04 Our Savior Sailor Moon Sailor Moon and her friends gains new powers
05 Sailor Aries Sailor Moon and the others meets Sailor Aries.Mars Trains with her
06 Sailor Libra Sailor Mercury trains
07 Sailor Taurus Sailor Jupiter trains with Sailor Tauros
08 New Power
09 Friendship
10 Soledad
11 Fidelity And Love
12 I Trust you Sailor Moon

Enemy Guard

14 The last battle
15 Sailor Destiny
16 The goodbye?

Season 2Edit

Act Episode Name Event
17 Come back
19 A New Transformation
21 Tuxedo Mask priority
23 Sailor Virgo and Sailor Chibimoon
25 Sailor Scorpio
26 Sailor Dark Capricorn
27 You and I
28 Sailor Op
29 Sacrifice in the name of love
30 To Life with a new love
31 Epilogue