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Sailor Marine is alternate identity of Lady Amphitrite, one of the Guardian Sailor Senshi related to Sailor Mercury. She is also Guardian Senshi of Wit and has power over technology and digital energy. Her signature colors are purple and blue.

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As one of the Guardian Sailor Senshi, Sailor Marine was awaken inside of heart of Amphirite in order to help other Senshi to fight with Queen Metallia by Sailor Cosmos. She is Guardian Senshi of Sailor Mercury and former keeper of Mariner Castle, because of absence of Sailor Mercury.

Lady Amphirite will remain in Mariner Castle after healing of Sailor Galaxia. She however sometimes visit Earth and study its technology, usually helping on court of King Endymion with running new gadgets.

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"Guided by the entity of intellect! I am Soldier of Wit, Guardian Sailor Marine!"

Sailor Marine's powers are related around technology and digital energy by using the power of Mercury technology. Her powers are manifested in form of energy and used with her armor. She usually do not use her magical powers and instead of them, she using her gadgets and intellect to win the battle same as Sailor Mercury.

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  • Sailor Marine is only senshi which powers are not actually seen on screen. Instead of them, she is seen using technology and her gadgets.
  • She was named after Nereid Amphitrite, one of the sea spirits in Greek mythology and wife of God of the Seas Poseidon (Neptune in Roman mythology)