Sailor Magellan is alternate identity of Lady Amora, one of the Guardian Sailor Senshi related to Sailor Venus. She is also Guardian senshi of Unity and has power over alchemy and gemstones. Her signature colors are red and yellow.

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As one of the Guardian Sailor Senshi, Sailor Magellan was awaken inside of heart of Amora in order to help other Senshi to fight with Queen Metallia by Sailor Cosmos. She is Guardian Senshi of Sailor Venus and former keeper of Magellan castle, because of absence of Sailor Venus.

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"Guided by endless love! I am Guardian of Unity, Guardian Sailor Magellan!"

Sailor Magellan's powers are related to alchemy and gemstones. Her main abillity is to change things into different ones and use mystical powers of gemstones. Each gemstone provides her different skill or abillity which can be used in fight. Her alchemical powers allows her to turn dangerous things into non harming ones (such as bullets into flowers).

Unlike other senshi, she do not have any main and lesser attacks, instead, Amora using her Tome of Wisdom to cast spells.

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  • She was named after Greek God of Love - Amor
  • She is only one which does not use usuall senshi attacks