Sailor Io is alternate identity of Lady Kora and one of the Guardian Sailor Senshi related to Sailor Jupiter. She is Guardian Senshi of Freedom and has powers over animals. Her signature colors are dark brown and pink.

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"Guided by spirit of life! I am Soldier of Freedom, Guardian Sailor Io!"

Sailor Io's powers are related to animals, she can call them for help or transform into them. She can even use powers of mythological creatures, such us Phoeinx or Dragon. Her powers allowing her also use skills of animals (e.g. let her body give her wings or breath underwater). As being Senshi of Freedom, Io has unique gift which makes her immune for any kind of mind control, so her mind and body are forever free.

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  • Her powers and status were inspired by Io from Greek mythology, Priestess of Hera which was loved by Zeus. He transformed her into cow, but Hera find it out and let her guard by shephed Argo.
  • Her spells are changing