Sailor Dark Moon, or Kurai Tsukino, is Usagi's twin sister and Queen Serenity's second daughter. She is apparent from another universe but no-one knows really who she is. She lives in the street in front of the Tsukino residence with her cat Astarte and niece, Usagi Jr. Tsukino.             

Biography Edit

She was born before Serenity in the Silver Millennium, as Princess Tranquility. As she doesn't look like her mom and is very mature, serious and has a mean streak, she was disliked by the people on the moon and only Astarte, a cat from the planet Mau wanted to play with her. Because of her black hair, she was nicknamed Princess Eclipse". In the Great War between the Moon and Earth, she protected Queen Serenity from being murdered by Beryl, taking the shoot instead. Before she died, Diana, the Moon Fairy sacrificed her life to save her and Astarte and transport them directly in the future, where she guided Tuxedo Mask to save Sailor Moon, helped Sailor Moon in the battle with Metallia, sent the Outer Senshi to Earth, as well as Helios and the Starlights. She rarely showed herself and the Senshis believed she was evil.

Later, it was discovered that she and Serenity are daughters of Chaos, who seduced the Queen, which explained why she has black hair and more destructive powers.

She has her own crystal, the Mystical Platinum Crystal.

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Transformations & AttacksEdit


  • Moon Dark Power, Make Up- her first transformation in Sailor Dark Moon.
  • Moon Eclipse, Make Up!- she used this command to transform into Eternal Sailor Dark Moon.
  • ===Attacks===
  • Moon Capability Baptism-  used this attack to heal people and to offensively destroy monsters.
  • Moonlight Sublime Phantome- a very offensive attack
  • Eclipse Power Radiation!- can use this very powerful attack during sun eclipses.
  • Eclipse Power Shade!- can use this very powerful attack during moon eclipses.
  • Moon Princess Flower Light- another energy attack
  • Moonlight Sublime Double Phantome- same as Moonlight Sublime Phantome, performed in tandem with Sialor Moonlight.   

Trivia Edit

She doesn't use a crescent moon as a symbol. She uses a black crescent moon or the symbol for platinum.