Sailor Crystal
(Sērā Kurisutaru)
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Kanade
Original RunJune 30, 2015
SuccessorSailor Crystal Shines
Opening SongMoonlight Densetsu ~2015 Ver~
Ending SongSailor Power!

La Soldier

Sailor Crystal (セーラークリスタル Sērā Kurisutaru) is a generation series created by CureKanade. The story follows Tsukikage Mio, a girl who suffers from amnesia and finds out the reason why she has amnesia and that her true identity is a Sailor Scout and that her mission is to find and protect the 5 Planetary Jewels. The theme is jewels.

Sailor Crystal Episodes


It's been 19 years since Eternal Sailor Moon defeated Sailor Galaxia. But since its been 19 years, times have changed and Earth has been living peacefully until Black Crystal appeared and the 5 Planetary Jewel go missing. In panic, Neo Queen Serenity sends Amaris and Qamar, cats from the southern side of the moon, to find five new Sailor Scouts who would protect Earth and find the 5 Planetary Jewels while she and the other Sailors protected the Moon Kingdom.

Down on Earth, Tsukikage Mio is suffering from amnesia and is living with her adopted parents. When she was helping a five year old get home, she meets Iris, who attacks her. She than meets Amaris and Qamar who gives her the Crystal Brooch that transforms her into Sailor Crystal!


Sailor ScoutsEdit

  • Tsukikage Mio (月影ミオ Tsukikage Mio)/ Sailor Crystal (セーラークリスタル Sērā Kurisutaru)

Voice Actor: Momoko Hayashi
Mio is the main protagonist of the show who suffers from amnesia. She is very helpful and loves to be around children and hates school, wishing she could wander the world as a free teenager. She is very good with her studies and she is the reincarnation of Princess Selene (プリンセスセレーネ Purinsesu Serēne), the princess of the southern side of the moon. As Sailor Crystal, she is the soldier of love and justice and her theme colours are pink, silver and white.