Cosmos and Chibi Chibi

Sailor Cosmos or Sailor Chibi Chibi is the last and most powerful version of Sailor Moon. She so different from Usagi than she is almost another person. In the past she cannot stay in her normal form just a few moments, so she assumes the form of The Light of Hope. She appears in fan-fics by Sechelf.Ghost.2.0 and CalwenAurellen.

Biography Edit

In the future she fights Sailor Chaos. With her god-like power, she creates The Republic of Heaven, where she hides the Cosmos Crystal and the remaining humans. Here, she cannot detransform, so she can use her power at full extent. She she banished Chaos from her Earth and tries to make Earth a safe planet.

Her dream is to revive her dead friends and lover, but this is foribbden and will cost her life. She awakened the Guardian Sailor Senshi from the past and granted Kurai Sailor powers.