Sailor Charon in normal form. Created with SailorX Generator.

Sailor Charon is alternate identity of Lady Persefone and one of the Guardian Sailor Senshi related to Sailor Pluto. She is also Guardian Senshi of Dreams and has power of sleep and hypnosis. Her signature colors are black and purple.

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As one of the Guardian Sailor Senshi, Sailor Charon was awaken inside of heart of Persefone in order to help other Senshi to fight with Queen Metallia by Sailor Cosmos. She is Guardian Senshi of Sailor Pluto and former keeper of Charon Castle, because of absence of Sailor Pluto.

After destruction of Chaos, she return to her duty to keep Charon Castle until Princess Pluto return. This will never happen as Pluto has duty to forever protect Space-time Door, so Charon will keep Castle forever.

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"Guided by the moon of eternal sleep. I am Soldier of Dreams, Guardian Sailor Charon!"

Sailor Charon's powers are related around sleep and dreams by using power of moon Charon. Her powers are manifested in form of purple or black liquid called Styx which is esoteric form of sleep and dreaming. She is also able to use hypnosis.

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  • She is only Guardian Senshi which will not be with her princess after last battle
  • She is named after Persefone, wife of Greek God of Death Hades (In Roman mythology, he was named Pluto), which was kidnapped by him and forced to marry him.