New Soldiers: Sailor 5! (新しい戦士: セーラー 5! Atarashii Senshi: Sērā Faibu!), also known as Sailor 5 (セーラー 5! Sērā Faibu!)is the second fan series made by Curewolfy11. It is a sort of AU (Alternate Universe) where in the final episode of the first season of Sailor Moon, Usagi wishes to have a new life, instead of returning to her old one.

Sailor 5!
セーラー 5!
(Sērā Faibu!)
SuccessorSailor 5! Reborn
Opening SongReborn Densetsu
Ending SongNever Ending


Sailor 5! Episodes

After the battle, the five sailor senshis start a new life, their memories of being friends wiped out. They all lived in peace, but a new evil force is coming...

Tsukimiya Hikari is a fourteen year old daydreamer, and is the reincarnation of Sailor Moon. At least, that's what her dreams told her. She never thought it was real until she meets a black cat who told her to transform when she and her friend Midori attacked by a girl with strange creatures...


Sailor SenshiEdit

Tsukimiya Hikari

A fourteen year old easy-going and smart daydreamer, and is the first senshi to be discovered. Hikari is often found alone daydreaming or studying. She is quite lazy, but can be motivated easily by food. Hikari, albeit smart, is a bit gullible sometimes and doesn't understand sarcasm. She doesn't believe in ghosts, but shivers whenever they're mentioned. Her alter ego is Sailor Crescent, and she is the reincarnation of Sailor Moon.

Kiyomizu Shun

A fourteen year old cheerful and competitive girl, and is the second senshi to be discovered. Shun is very short tempered, and likes to chase the person that ticks her off the most. She is not the one to waste time, no matter what happens. Shun is quite short compared to the others, and gets angry if they tell her that. She is fond of tricking her enemies. Her alter ego is Sailor Wing, and she is the reincarnation of Sailor Mercury.

Hikawa Akane

A fourteen year old hyper but kind sports-lover, and is the third senshi to be discovered. Akane is the senshi who enjoys fighting the most. Like Hikari, she is quite gullible sometimes. Akane likes to spend time with her two little brothers, Isamu and Masaru. She likes to annoy the other senshi, specifically Yua. Her alter ego is Sailor Fight, and she is the reincarnation of Sailor Mars.

Midorikawa Aki

A fourteen year old tomboyish but quiet girl, and is the fourth senshi to be discovered. Aki is the tallest of the senshi, and like her previous incarnation, many are afraid of talking to her due to her height. She is often busy taking care of her younger siblings. Before Yua joined them, Aki was the voice of reason of her team. She is rarely angry, but when she is, many consider her to be terrifying. Her alter ego is Sailor Storm, and she is the reincarnation of Sailor Jupiter.

Yamino Yua


Chino Midori

Chino Madoka