Pretty Sailors Start! (プリティセイラーズスタート! Puriti Seirāzu Sutāto!) is the first installment of the Pretty Sailors! franchise. It begins airing on October 9, 2015 with a number of 48 episodes.


Pretty Sailors Start! Episodes

Follow the story into the Planet of Life: Earth. Where four girls with magical powers rushing through their veins will be living. These four girls had lived on a planet named Roylarius but a complication occurred and the princesses had been sent to Earth to awaken as the new Sailor Scouts. Sounds like the first season of Sailor Moon doesn't it? But here's the catch: they know about Roylarius due to flashbacks in their dreams and messages from Pearl and have their magical powers outside of being Sailor Scouts! Now follow these four girls as they battle against Nemesis to revive Roylarius.


Sailor SenshiEdit