The Mystical Platinum Crystal ( Japnese:幻 の 白金 随証 Romaji: Maboroshi no shirogane zuishou) is the Star Seed of Kurai , twin crystal with the Silver Crystal.        

Biography & PowersEdit

Along with it's owner, the Mystical Platinum Crystal was born from the both ancient powers of  the moon an the great energy of Chaos. It has immense power equal or even greater than the Silver Crystal. Unlik her sister, Kurai never uses it but in times of crisis. It hasn't appeared much onscreen, but it's revealed that if Kurai uses it to much, the graet power will kill her, as shown when she protected the Earth and her little sister from the same fate.


  • It was difficult task for Sechelf.Ghost.2.0 to give Kurai a different, own crystal. When he discovered that the pictogram for this metall is crescent moon and a sun, he thinked taht the sun represented Chaos ( as Metallia was a demon from sun)and the crescent moon was the Moon Kingdom. also, he thinked taht it represents an eclipse.