Guardian Sailor Senshi are Senshi and guardians related to each Sailor Senshi including Sailor Moon and work as their advisors, helpers and keepers of their Castles. They obtain title "Lady" from their princess. Their senshi powers have to be awaken directly by their Senshi or from future by Sailor Cosmos.

History Edit

Guardian Senshi were ladies of their home planet and were choosen by their princess as their advisors, helpers and representatives because of their friendship. They lived in castles with their princess and their main duty is to keep them safe.

After destruction of Silver Millenium, their powers were put in sleep and were awaken by Sailor Cosmos in order to help Senshi fight with Queen Metallia in 20th century. After the destruction of Chaos, they return to their formal duties and start to live on their home planets.

Powers, items and forms Edit

Powers Edit

Each senshi has powers related to powers of their senshi, they are powered by power of castle and if its heavily corrupted their powers will weaken, but if castle is destroyed, their powers will dissappear forever. Their powers were blessed by Queen Serenity, because she gave castles to princesses. They seems to be strong enough to defend their Senshi and themself, they seems to be more powerfull when they are together with their princess. Guardian senshi can also strenghten powers of their princess by using Soul Bond.

Items Edit

Every senshi has Transformation ring with her symbol on it and her own personal weapon. They also get their own Sailor Crystals from Neo Queen Serenity from future by her daughter Chibi Moon. Each of them has also unique weapon, which greatly increasing their powers.

Forms Edit

Guardian senshi have their civilian form, senshi form and equivalent of princess mode - Royal form. Royal form is stronger than their senshi and they also wears gown like fuku, similar to their Princesses.

Known Guardian Senshi Edit

Sailor Silver Moon - Guardian senshi of Princess Serenity and Lady of Moon castle

Sailor Marine - Guardian senshi of Princess Mercury and Lady of Mariner castle

Sailor Magellan - Guardian senshi of Princess Venus and Lady of Magellan castle

Sailor Phobos and Sailor Daimos - Guardian senshis of Princess Mars and Ladies of Phobos and Daimos Castle

Sailor Io - Guardian senshi of Princess Jupiter and Lady of Io castle

Sailor Miranda - Guardian senshi of Princess Uranus and Lady of Miranda Castle

Sailor Triton- Guardian senshi of Princess Neptune and Lady of Triton castle

Sailor Charon - Guardian senshi of Princess Pluto and Lady of Charon castle

Sailor Titan - Guardian senshi of Princess Saturn and Lady of Titan castle

Trivia Edit

  • Sailor Mars has two Guardian senshi, which are twins
  • they can sense if something is happening to their princess or castle