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Aneko Fujioka
Fujioka Aneko
Full NameAneko Fujioka
Birth dateJune 16
OccupationAuthor of Pretty Guardians of Olympus

Aneko Fujioka is the author/creator of Pretty Guardians of Olympus and is the author of multiple mangas such as Super Whimsical Blue and Yokai no Love (Love of yokai). The name of Aneko Fujioka is one of her 3 aliases. She is, however, refered to as Aneko Fujioka and has stated that she is the mysterious Chosha Meihemuno and Niko Koiji. Her editor, "Edi-san" even confirmed Aneko's other aliases. She draws herself as a neko girl wearing a blue Lolita dress and a cat mask. She worked with Naoko Takeuchi on the first 2 arcs of PGOO.

Trivia Edit

  • She puts little parts of her personality into her characters
    • She stated that the heroine of Super Whimsical Blue, Aoi has her introverted and smart traits, for example.
    • Another example is Miyuna Gankona from Yokai no Love, who has the exact personality of Aneko.
  • She speaks fluent English and Japanese.
    • She is her own translator but at times needs help with kanji as she says that her hand-writting is horrible but her art skills are good.
  • She is called "Neko-Sensei" (or -sama) by her assistants.
    • Neko is in her "name" so it only makes sense.
    • Her assistants have never seen her real face before.
      • According to them she wears an identical mask to what her author-sona wears.
  • She has admitted to have kissed a poster of a celebrity boy before.

Gallery Edit